PEMhub App

The PEMhub is a mobile app associated with events host by SFELC. This project is a significant release for PEMhub. It contains four features to help users build connection with other attendees. The fundamental design allows users to fully engage with content, attendees, sponsors, as well as other critical information. Our attendees could check conference schedules and essential information, sent meeting requests with other attendees and have a 1:1 meeting, search and filter attendees based on their interests, etc.
In the 2019 SFELC SUMMITS, 523 users used our app(524 attendees in total). In average, they spend 20 mins every time open our app. They send 698 messages, 509 meeting request, and 174 meeting request were approved. It is a big win in our product.

Produt Designer

3 Weeks



"We are creating an effective and professional social manner for event experience".


After having an interview with Jerry, who is the founder of the SFELC and experienced event organizer for 30+ events, I collected four essential needs of users.


I made the information architecture and used it as a tool to communicate the whole structure of the new update with PM. It is a useful tool for me to collect and prioritize information.

Main Tasks

Iterated wireframe design by conducting a quick paper prototype testing. I evaluated design solutions in terms of time, team operation, and user experience.

01. Event on-boarding and Schedule Flow

🎟️:Users [enroll] in our event ➡ [On board to event] They are asked to fill up a questionnaire which decides how other people find them. ➡ Check event schedule ➡ Review topic information

Design Iteration: Some breakout sessions happen at the same time.

02. Attedees Search & Sponsor Flow

🧑🧑🏿 Users ➡ Check attendees list ➡ [Filter] by interests or [Search] by keywords ➡ Check attendees information 🤝

Design Iteration: Attendees searching

03. Meeting Request Flow

🅰️📤:Chose the person you want to meet to ➡ Pick a time slot ➡ Sent Meeting request and note ➡
🅱️📩:Get meeting request ➡ Accept or Reschedule or Cancel ➡ Get meeting information once accept 🤝

Design Spec


1. While designing for an update, the designer should know how to improve the product by changing so little on the current product. Balance the new design and the old systems. Any changes made on the existed product may cause chaos in the database. Both engineers and designers should do their best to avoid this issue.

2. There is no perfect solution. It's all about teamwork and cooperation. It is crucial to understand the capacity of your team. We can not design something that can not happen. There are no unlimited resources either. Recognizing the limitation of your team will help you make appropriate design decisions.

3. Any information showed on a screen will impact on how engineers deploy and retrieve data. Sometimes it looks simple and easy to change for designers, but it is difficult on the back end. Always keep talking with engineers about the technology they will use. There is a specific way to implement a function like a "Search Bar." Designers should always communicate with engineers to come up with practical design solutions.