Friends Activity for Wish App

This project introduced a new prompt, Friends Activity, to eliminate new users' concern about the quality of products on Wish. It encourages new users to buy their first product at Wish when users see their friends are buying product at Wish. It creates a trustable shopping environment backed by their friends and provides sufficient motivation for new users to buy a product.

Produt Designer

5 Hours



I chose to focus on improving the new users' experience. Let them can engage in Wish as fast as they can.


I made a Persona by finding data online and interviewing friends. It helped me to understand the mindset of new users. There are some shared behavior patterns from Wish's customer. Like they are impulsive buyer, they are sensitive to price and discount. What's more, I found that it is hard for new users to make the first purchase at Wish.


The journey map shows that the "new user," Lily, are doubt about the product review and the quality of products. She ends up with not buying a product. She needs more time and evidence to convince herself to be ready to buy a product at Wish.


The behavior problem statement claims the New Behavior to our new users. It narrows down the problem I am going to solve.


Wish involved a lot of behavior design to motivate users to buy a product, like Daily Login Bonus, Bultz Buy, Earning Points , etc. I evaluated those prompts by using the Fogg behavior model. However, those prompts don't bring enough motivation to new users to having first product purchasing.


It is necessary to bring a new prompt to let new users trust Wish and products. There is no way better than Friends Activity.


Venmo and Spotify are good examples of building trust by showing friends' activities. Venmo shows your friends' money transfer activities. It gives user a sense that it is the most trustable and accessible money transfer app because of your “friends' experience.” For Spotify, It shows what your friends are listening. It encourages a user to explore the music world.


01. Frinds Activity in Onboarding Process

🧑Users [Connect] Wish with Facebook account ➡ [Onboarding] Detected that you have a lot of friends are using Wish ➡ Follow all of them ➡ Jump to the main page

02. See Friends' Shopping Activity

🧑🏿 Users ➡ [Check] Friends Activity ➡ [See] All or Specific person's activity ➡ Friends Shopping History and [Buy] 🛒

03. Manage Activity Status

🅰️ Before Payment ➡ Cart ➡ Switch the items to [Private] 🔒 ➡ Pay
🅱️ After Payment ➡ Order History ➡ Switch the items to [Private] 🔒



1. If I get more time, I will conduct user testing to analyze the feedback from users and see their reaction to the Friend Activity.

2. I will confirm with engineers to know how many users log in Wish via Facebook, or can we get friends information from other social accounts?

3. The friend activity could show more diverse contents like to show the best deal your friends got.