Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery is a prevailing payment method in South East Asia (SEA). I designed a new payment option, Cash on Delivery, for the Wish app in order to increase the international audience in Malaysia.
We want to test that if the Cash on Delivery help generate more GMV and converting more unique buyer from the SEA market.

Produt Designer

3 Weeks


A overview of my design process. I got a task from PM, Sam Li, in which talked about adding a Cash on Delivery (COD) as a new payment method for users in Malaysia. I then scheduled a meeting with Marketing Manager, Brandon, who won this project, and talk more details about business requirements. To better understand what is the current COD experience in SEA, I conducted user study and gained insights from users.


We want to build a sustainable business in SEA to expand Wish’s international audience.


In SEA one of the main issues for those countries is we do not currently provide the more common payment option of Cash on Delivery (COD). According to the dyen article , 60% of e-commerce transactions are still completed via Cash on Delivery (COD).

We want to test the idea of Cash on Delivery as a payment option. And see if it will increase our GMV and Unique Buyers

Experiment Plan

1) Offer Cash on Delivery for 1000 packages or more that we deliver to Malaysia.
2) Promote COD to 50% of users as a "Show" and 50% of users as a "Control".

User Study

Since the COD is not a common thing in United States. I conducted a user study about Cash on Delivery in SEA to undestand current COD users' behavior pattern. I screened my target audience and luanched testing at
See user study document

Competitive Analysis

By doing user study, People in SEA mainly use Cash on Delivery at Shopee, Lazada, Amazonin, etc. I ask them to walk me through COD experiece in those apps, and I came up with a competitive analysis.


I came up with a mental model of how COD works, with insights and painpoint for current Cash on Delivery experience.

Design Solution

By wrapping up insights and painpoints, I narrowed down to 3 main user flows for the MVP.

Main Tasks

01. Promote the COD payment option

Increase the exposure of COD and educate users.

02. Set up Cash on Delivery as a payment

πŸ§‘πŸΏ Users ➑ Cart ➑ [Tap] payment methods ➑ [Choose] Cash on Delivery ➑ [Verify] the phone number ➑ Check out with COD ➑ Get order confirmation with kindly reminder about amount to pay

03. Post-purchase experience

[Entry Point 1] Notification ➑ Let people ready to get their package.
[Entry Point 2] Order History ➑ Informed how much amount users need to pay to couriers by a full-withd banner.

Success Metrics

πŸ“ GMV in Malaysia
πŸ“ Unique Buyer in Malaysia
πŸ“ Number of COD order
πŸ“ % of COD GMV/ Overall GMV